Welcome to the George Howard Project

June 2013

Looking at our world afresh.

George Howard, Ninth Earl of Carlisle, was a passionate painter. He was influenced by, and taught by, the Pre-Raphaelites.

The Pre-Raphaelites wanted to change the way we approached Art. Their paintings were fresh, vibrant, brightly coloured and highly detailed.

How might we portray the world today if we wanted to do the same?

How might we change ideas about Art?

– Alex-Jakob-Whitworth

“Something to Say” – Gallery

June saw a group of junior schools team up with William Howard School with a group of artists.

I was working with two groups of Year 6 pupils and we explored the work of George Howard and the Pre-Raphaelites.

These were our questions or thoughts…

What grand adventure stories do you like that are there around today?

What could we be saying in a picture?

How would a Pre-Raphaelite work today if he or she was around now?

What do some words such as  “languid” look like? Or “thoughtful”? “Drape”? “Avenge”?

How can you ask a question in a picture?

What are you trying to say?